Bernd Heinrich, Tyskland

Bernd Heinrich, Tyskland

Why I decided for a Anderson Speedster pontoon boat!

After having used a belly boat for a few years I wanted a boat which offers me more abilities especially it should full fill the following requirements:

  • Small packaging size if tackled down
  • lightweight
  • Saltwater resistant
  • Whitewater useable
  • Highvisible
  • comfortable
  • usefull for longer boattrips
  • ability to install a small motor

Due to the fact that I’m a flyfisherman I always tried to keep the amount of equipment as small as possible instead of what’s going on in the modern carphunter scene where you need a truck and maybe a technician if you go out fishing. For that reason a fully rigged middleclasscarprized boat has never been in my mind.

In regard to my pleasure fishing the coast I wanted a boat for fishing the coastline which was always too risky for me by fishing from a belly boat due to hidden drifts and the wind if you are not a native. During my research I came to the point that there are more or less two options to fulfill my needs a kayak or a pontoon boat (PB).

Why I decided for a pontoon boat?

At least to me the kayak has just one advantage over the PB which is the ability to change the fishing place within shorter time. I fancied a long time with a Hobie Pro Angler which means much more packing size as well as transportation efforts and rigged for my needs a price double as high as the alternative Anderson Speedster.

Bringing it all together leads me to the Anderson Speedster which meets all my needs and delivered a superb quality. The boat is lightweight and you can launch it nearly everywhere the yellow bladders I choosed are highly visible which is a great safety surplus at the shore and on great lakes. Furthermore you can fly cast and fish 10 hours and more due to the comfortable seating position and seat. In comparison to a belly boat and kayak the higher seating offers a much better casting position and more distance to the water which is even in winter a great advantage in reducing the danger of undercooling.

Due to the cat-typ construction with two parallel pontoons the boat lies very stable on the water which is another advantage with higher waves and on whitewater and makes the boat ideal for drift fishing. In regard to the handling I can say that the rudders are just in use for reaching or changing the fishing place the rest of the day I only use my force fins. The maneuvereability is very helpful during the drilling part because you can always keep the boat in the right position to the fish without using your hands.

Why motor-ready?

I’m now in my middle fifties and a day fishing along the cost can easily reach double figured kilometers so at the end of the day it could be a great benefit to have an outborder for the way back. The ability for longer trips as well as the ability for use with an outborder were the main arguments for the Speedster which is the middle sized Pontoon made by Anderson its not to big but offers more back-up capacity than the standard version.

Why an Anderson Pontoon Boat?

Everyone who deals longer with this theme will realize quickly that there are multiple reasons for choosing an Anderson Pontoon but the most important facts to me were the used materials combined with perfect craftsmanship. Every detail of the boat whether the construction or the used materials are results from long-time experience in river, fjord, coast and lake fishing from Lars and his friends. As an example Lars uses only composite rudders and the frame is made out of special saltwaterressistant alloy with strictly reduced connective elements all made out of stainless steel all for minimizing corrosion. As a result the boat is lightweight, very strong, corrosion resistant and completely demountable without any tool. It’s just made from practice for practice. You’ll know that it‘s made with passion and definetive for game.

Spare parts, repair or special modifications are possible and gurantee a long lasting and working product which is a remarkable attribute in a world which consists more and more from one-way products.

My personal opinion is that we all need more of this kind of engagement of products and product development shown and realized by Lars Anderson.

Tight Lines Bernd Heinrich